Vince Sartini – Owner/Operations Director

Vince Sartini,
Owner / Operations Director


After working successfully in radio for several years, Owner, Vince Sartini fell into the Message On Hold industry by accident. He was intrigued by the idea, and jumped in head first bringing years of audio experience with him. Vince quickly learned what worked and what didn’t work, taking his approach to the industry in an entirely different direction. There were many modifications along the way, all instrumental in molding PowerPlay into what it is today.

Now over 15 years later, the company has grown into a full blown Voice Over and Audio House, branching off into many exciting directions. Over the years, Vince has done many independent Voice Overs, lending his voice to numerous radio spots, industrial training films, narrations and character voices. He takes great pride in the work that he does, and you’ll recognize that from the very first time you speak with him.


Vince is personally involved with every project, and his stamp of approval goes on every audio file that leaves the studio. His philosophy as Owner is simple. He wants his team to do what’s best for you, the customer. He expects them to listen to what you are trying to accomplish and add valuable and inspired input. They are not an overbearing creative group that is going to force their ideas upon you. Your initial meeting will always be with Vince. Before meeting him, he and the PowerPlay staff will research your company and Vince will come prepared with concepts and demos designed specifically for you. The experience you have with PowerPlay will be an enjoyable, low pressure situation, allowing for a beneficial and constructive meeting for all those in attendance.


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We are very satisfied with the service and quality of our recordings, and would recommend this company to everyone!

– Dr. John G. Kostides DDS